Take back control over your digital identity.

Find out what personal data tech companies collect about you.
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But Wait, how does this even work?

Let's go into some more detail.

We believe that the current data economy needs to change.

Meta, Google, and other big corporate players have far too much control over the personal data of everyday people. We aim to change that.

We want to enable you to be in control of your own digital identity.
To achieve that, we empower you to make use of your rights provided by the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We also want to give you the opportunity to gain insights into the value-creation that occurs with your data every day.

What can you do with your Datapod?


Request data from anywhere

After signing up we automatically request your personal data from all companies that hold data about you.
It may take some time for companies to transfer all the data.


Gain insight through your Dashboard

Through our dashboard you can gain a complete overview what data about you is out there.
We believe total transparency is the baseline to hand control about your data back to you.


Decide what to do with every Datapoint

For each different Data Category that we request for you (think location data, payment data, browsing data, etc.) you get to decide whether to delete Data of that category, or share Data of that category.


Earn passive income by sharing your data

We automatically match you with marketplace partners that are interested in accessing your data. Every time your data is accessed, you are compensated.


Your data is encrypted and can only be accessed by you.
In addition, your data is solely handled by European servers.


All your data in one place. Your own Datapod is the first opportunity to simply store and access all your data.
Neither we nor anybody else has access to it.


We are utilizing a blockchain structure for the monetary compensation to give you the maximum amount of transparency and security.

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