Take back control over your personal data.

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A Datapod is a secure Safe for all your personal data.

Your Datapod not only allows you to reclaim and store every bit of your personal information online, it also gives you all the tools you need to manage your digital footprint across the web. It is your toolkit for regaining clarity, control and security over your digital presence.

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What does the internet know about you?

We provide an overview of all the data that internet companies like Google and Facebook collect about you. Whether it's information about the places you've been, which websites you've looked at or what interests you have, we give you the transparency to stay on top.
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Find out if your data is exposed.

Hundreds of data traders buy and sell your data, most of them working in the shadows. The data risk radar regularly scans who has your data and provides information about the risk involved.
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Your Right to be forgotten.

Not cool that Google stores your heart rate? We automatically remove your data from anywhere. Whether it's all the data a particular company has on you, or specific types of data everywhere – Deletion is just a click away.
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Your Partner when Big Tech screws up.

We inform you in a timely manner if your data becomes part of a data leak - and connect you directly with our partners to implement your claims for financial compensation.
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Let’s get started now!

Sign up now, get your Datapod and take control of your data back into your own hands. Your data sovereignty is just a download away!
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What is a Datapod?

Think of a Datapod as a secure vault for all your personal data, fully encrypted for safety. But it's more than that; it's also a toolkit that empowers you to take control of your digital presence across other platforms beyond your Datapod.

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Why is it safe?

Your Datapod's data is encrypted on European servers, exclusively accessible to you – neither we nor anyone else holds the key. Every data transaction is blockchain-verified, assuring that your data remains under your control, with no unauthorized access.

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Ensuring GDPR compliance

Datapods is not just GDPR-compliant but a pivotal step in actively enforcing data protection regulations. Say goodbye to complex subject access requests and manage your data effortlessly through one platform. Join us in building a fairer data economy!

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Any questions?

Feel free to contact us with questions, feature requests or anything else :)
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